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What You'll Need to Gig?

SONIO PRO is the high-end home karaoke set up that you can practice singing 

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  • SONIO AIR Handheld Wireless Microphone
    SONIO AIR Handheld Wireless Microphone - Sonio
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Amy Lynn

Love that this has a built in mixer to combine music with the mic voices. We also liked dialing in how much echo, bass and treble we want on the voices.

Kids of all ages are loving it...5 year olds up to teenagers all had fun. Good job SONIO!

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Daniel Nolan

SONIO Mini mixer/mic set is awesome! I love to sing and have been known to hit up a local Karaoke bar once in a while, so I was really happy when I saw that I could bring Karaoke home! It came with all the wires necessary to hook up my laptop and my home theater system. I had it all up and running in less than 10 minutes. The range of the mics went all the way across my large living room.

If you want to do some singing at home, and you already have a speaker setup to plug into, I highly recommend this product.

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Paul Sturrock

After spending another $250 to rent a karaoke room I decided there had to be a better way. Pretty much plug and play. Love that it has two mics and can connect one more wired mic. Going to look into getting a few more as all of our friends love Karaoke.

Only problem now is your neighbors can clearly hear how poorly we sing. Haha.